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- Now available for Preorder -

Paper Doll: A Lolita Fashion Artbook
44 pages, full color 8 x 10.75”

Featured artists:
chaoticoasis / coffeshere / donniii/ janemai/ n0toriouslil / lindateatelier / loputyn / l-papillon / mayuiki-art / choconoke / hattercharles / saicoink /  tangledbeasties

An artbook featuring illustrations of lolita fashion by wearers and fans of the iconic japanese street style. Special thanks to all of the amazing artists that helped make this project possible! I’ll be debuting this book at Rufflecon (therufflecourt) Oct 4th and 5th. I’m at table T13 so if you are in the area please come check it out~

I’m in this! :D So excited to be a part of this anthology with such wonderful, talented artists! 


I didn’t do this on purpose but I wish I could any time some dude is just yelling stuff 


I didn’t do this on purpose but I wish I could any time some dude is just yelling stuff 

Anonymous said: who are your friends and what are they like?



What they’re like:

 - Spooky Scary Skeletons


I’m so sorry but its just that time of year

so totally not soorrryyyy YHEAAAA!!!!!!!!!

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self portraits, 2012 and 2014

i have a stye in my eye!!!!!


Yesterday I wore an oldschool-inspired coord. This jsk is one of the first brand items I ever bought  (´▽`)

This is amazinggg

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"Howl’s Moving Castle"-2004


"Howl’s Moving Castle"-2004

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Scorpionxstar and I Doing Cute Things at Otakuthon Tea Party 2014 ~

Yeah this is what I do on my free time with my friends. I make them laugh :3

Photographer: Trumie

I should have put on my butler outfit

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Just gonna write down some stuff about Dirae Unit and maybe delete it later read if you feel like checking out my very WIP thoughts for my remake of a comic that I never actually made in the first place:

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I was going to sleep but then my Dirae Unit do-over started playing in my head and so I had to write it down and then I thumbnailed the first four pages and now I opened my computer to script it WHY 

(I never finish anything, but I really want to get a maybe 5 page chunk of Dirae Unit (maybe renamed) completely finished and then see how I feel about it and go from there)

I made an where you can ask me anything you feel like. 

… even though I have anon on here and you could just do that here too I guess


Model: Morgennebel08

Photographer: Ksenya Korneychuk

Mera Luna 2014

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